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About Styleshack

Styleshack is a Shop Local platform that connects you to neighborhood boutiques, specialty stores and unique e-tailers. Styleshack enhances the shopping experience by providing personalized and direct services to help you discover new retailers and make the most of your own unique style.

We aim to help specialty stores gain relevant exposure and assist larger scale retailers relate to shoppers on a local level.

How Styleshack Works:

Define your personal style by taking an interactive quiz, simulating the experience of working directly with a stylist. You will receive a Style Archetype and will be able to search for products from our extensive database of local boutiques and trusted online retailers. For example, search Styleshack for a pair of pink slippers or a black dress, and be directed to a local retailer that has what you’re looking for.

Styleshack offers a seamless reservation system for users who want to place an item on hold in a store for later pickup. Search your Style and Shop it Local!

Notes From the Styleshack is your go-to guide for everything fashion & retail related. We frequently feature style tips, fashion trends, design inspiration and local shopping opportunities!

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