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Beauty Spotlight: Danielle Taylor {Dauphine beauté}

We love to be in the know about the best beauty products… recently we caught up with Danielle Taylor, founder of Dauphine beauté (a new organic skin care line).  Read our interview below! 

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{SS}: What is the inspiration for your business? photo 1
{Danielle Taylor}:  I’ve always been fascinated with skincare products and cosmetics since childhood. I’ve also had an intense interest and love affair with flowers and nature and wondering what they contain that could help us with our skin and health.  Having had years of skin troubles of my own since being a teen and studying  skin as an esthetician and makeup artist, I would try just about every cosmetic product in the market.  Finally, one day I was so extremely frustrated with my skin being unbalanced that I literally threw out every skin product in our cabinet and decided to start making my own.


I knew from years of study and research that the cells of plants, flowers and botanicals had the power to heal and renew human skin when applied using the proper blends and compositions. I’ve been using my formulations for a couple of years and my skin has been at it’s best ever since.

{SS}: How did you come up with Dauphine beauté? 
{Danielle Taylor}: While doing research to formulate a botanical three step beauty regimen for all skin types, I was also doing lots of historical research in the last Dauphine of France, Marie Antoinette, as well as her beauty regimens. She too had a huge love affair with flowers and anything luxurious. Her perfumer/apothecary Jean-Louis Fargeon made her an endless array of cosmetics and beauty potions containing mostly flowers and botanicals and presented them to her in very beautiful jars and containers. I soon came to the conclusion that all-natural formulations CAN come in pretty packages, CAN look and feel luxurious, and that the name for our product line had to be Dauphine beauté!
{SS}: How did you get started in the beauty industry? 

{Danielle Taylor}: Over 20 years ago doing makeup and studying skincare because of my love for helping women look and feel their most beautiful!


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{SS}: Favorite Styleshack items? 

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{SS}: What CAN YOU NOT put down this Summer? 
{Danielle Taylor}: My favorite products right now are La Croix coconut sparkling water and Fiji water. I can’t go a whole day without either of them.

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{SS}: What is your favorite summer beauty trend?
 {Danielle Taylor}: natural looking glow with a sheer foundation to even out skin, a touch of blush or bronzer, and a slightly bright lip color to enhance the look of a summer tan.
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{SS}: What are your favorite beauty websites? 
{Danielle Taylor}: My favorite beauty/fashion websites besides of course, would have to be and
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{SS}: Any other interesting facts we should know about your company?
{Danielle Taylor}: All of our skincare products are free of petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, pesticides, silicones and gmo’s. Our desire is to provide women with naturally luxurious skincare products that are as pure, healthy, and as beautiful as their skin deserves.


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