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Designer Spotlight: Lux Lake

unnamed“Lux Lake came to be by a love and passion for art, fashion and all things beautiful. I have lived my life with the juxtaposition of being a so called “girly-girl” on the outside and a free spirit on the inside. I enjoy the touch of luxurious fabrics on my skin, expensive beauty products, and lavish vacations. But in contrast, I am the girl who is always first to dive into any body of water with no regard to the frigid temperatures or to the fact that I’ll ruin my blow-out. I love being  outdoors surrounded by nothing but the wild. Being in nature inspires me and reminds me how wonderful life is. However, one shouldn’t have to sacrifice their personadownloadl style because of their choice in activities. I  created a brand that encourages women to revel in the fact that she doesn’t need to choose between the cocktail dress or the hiking boots- she can look stylish and feel confident in both.

That is Lux Lake.”

-Madeline Morrison

We were delighted by the opportunity to chat with designer and founder, Madeline Morris of Lux Lake, to discuss her journey on how she got started.

{SS}: Can you give us a brief background on your career… and of course, how the company, Lux Lake was established?

{Madeline Morrison}: My career as an artist/designer started at a very young age. I studied visual arts at Interlochen Arts Camp for five summers growing up so I have always had creativity running through my veins. I studied Art and Design at the University of Michigan and then moved to New York and later Chicago where I worked as a producer at the advertising agency, Leo Burnett. Lux Lake originally began as a hobby. I would make necklaces for my myself and people on the streets would stop to tell me how much they loved them and asked where they could get one of their own. Since creating beautiful jewelry brought me a lot of happiness, I decided to turn it into a career.

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{SS}: What is the inspiration behind the name, LuxLake?

{Madeline Morrison}: Lux Lake is a combination of the two sides of my personality. There is a Lux side to me that loves rich foods, lavish vacations, designer clothing, the creme de la creme of what life has to offer. But there is another side to me as well, the Lake, I love adventure, the great outdoors, camping, extreme skiing–I am always the first one to jump into water no matter the temperature. I grew up on Lake Michigan so being outdoors feels like home to me. My jewelry line represents these two sides of me and the jewelry itself is also very versatile. You could wear one of my necklaces to black tie affair, or to the farmer’s market.


{SS}: Can you share one of your favorite pieces ever designed? What do you most enjoy about the design process? What types of material do you use? 

{Madeline Morrison}: What I enjoy most about the design process is putting my creative mind to use. All of the Lux Lake jewelry is handmade by me with semi-precious gemstones and every single piece is one of a kind. I have made hundreds of these necklaces and not one is the same. It is also wonderful to see people wearing your designs and say it’s one of their most cherished pieces. Lux Lake jewelry is wearable art.

{SS}: Who is the ladownloaddy wearing your collection?

{Madeline Morrison}: My customer is a cool, down to earth woman who is confident in herself and has a hunger for life. She likes to collect one of a kind pieces of jewelry to add to her collection. My jewelry is easy. You layer it on with any outfit and it looks and feels natural.

{SS}: Which pieces do you (personally) wear most often?

{Madeline Morrison}: I always wear a couple of the layering bracelets everyday. I love to stack them up. They’re easy. I always wear one of my long tassel necklaces. It adds so much to any outfit and they go well with everything!


{SS}: Anything else we should know about your brand?

{Madeline Morrison}: There are a lot of new styles coming out later this summer that I am very excited to share. I will be experimenting with different materials and gemstones. There are lots of exciting things happening so stay tuned!


Now onto your personal style….

{SS}: In regards to your personal style, do you have a signature look or ac348scessory?

{Madeline Morrison}: There is a small Ukrainian store, Surma, in the East Village in New York that sells hand woven ribbon that I use for headbands, belts, tied to a bag or wrapped around a hat. Just like my jewelry, they add a subtle amount of flair but enhance every look. I am always rocking one and since they are so unique I would say this would definitely be a signature look that is exclusive to me.

{SS}: What are a few items in your “Styleshack” A.K.A closet that you can’t live without?

{Madeline Morrison}: I have a collection of cashmere sweaters I would rescue from a burning building if need be. I also collect hats. I had one custom made for me in Jackson Hole, WY while on a ski trip this winter that I could never part with. I love a good worn in denim shirt, my white cotton vintage pajama set, and I also have a silk robe that makes me feel like Kate Middleton. I try to have a “lean closet” which means I only put items in it that I absolutely can’t live without.


{SS} Who or What inspires your style? Favorite Style Icon?

{Madeline Morrison}: The women in my family inspire my style. My Grandmother (Oma) loves beautiful clothes and would buy my sister and me Vogue and Town & Country when we were little kids. We definitely fell in love with fashion because of her. My mom and sister both have a unique style and love to mix luxury with one of a kind vintage finds. I love designer clothing but am not someone who is blinded by labels. I am the first to admit that some of my best finds are second hand. For example, I found a pair of unworn Ferragamos (in my size) at a garage sale last summer!


{SS}: Style Archetype? 


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.41.53 AM


{SS}: A few of your current favorite pieces on 

{Madeline Morrison}: The Slingback Espadrille Shoes from SHE Stores are amazing and very comfortable. I wear thScreen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.50.16 PMem almost everyday.

The Ramy Brook Aliya Dress from SHE Stores  fits fantastic and is perfect for summer!

I am obsessed with Fringe right now and this Illia Fringe Bottom Top from SHE Stores is so unique and beautiful

black esp

{SS}: Favorite fashion or lifestyle blog?

{Madeline Morrison}: I like the blog delicously ella. She supplies really terrific, healthy recipes and has a very positive outlook on life. Two things I am all about.

{SS}: MUST follow on Instagram?

{Madeline Morrison}: Besides @luxlake, I love looking at @thecritterhaven. I have a weak spot for adorable little animals.

{SS}:  What is your favorite Mobile App?

{Madeline Morrison}: I love the app Way of Life. It is a way to track your daily habits and motivate you to do the things that are important to you.

{SS}: Summer Read?

{Madeline Morrison}: Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is always a great summer read.

{SS}: Currently listening to…

{Madeline Morrison}: The Rolling Stones in preparation for the concert at Comerica Park in July. I also love to listen to Reggae in the summer. It reminds me of summers as a (3)

{SS}: Favorite “local” boutiques in your area or anywhere in the world?

{Madeline Morrison}: SHE in Bloomfield Hills, MI is one of my favorite boutiques! They are an exclusive seller of Lux Lake in the Bloomfield Hills area. Not only do you get to support a local business but the clothes and accessories are fabulous. Working and selling my jewelry there has been a wonderful experience.


{SS}: What is your favorite local restaurant?  

{Madeline Morrison}: Kyoto sushi is out of this world!




{SS}: Words to live by? Or Favorite Quote?


unnamed (6)More About Lux Lake:

“Lux Lake is all about versatility and style. It is rare to find a statement necklace that goes seamlessly with both casual and formal attire. Pairing one of our necklaces with your look will immediately elevate your style whether it be at the farmer’s market, Sunday brunch or a black-tie affair.

Lux Lake embodies the woman who has it all because she loves and embraces a full, beautiful life. ”

You can Shop some of the very unique and beautiful Lux Lake Collection, at one of our favorite Michigan Boutiques SHE Stores!


Click to SHOP NOW!





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