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CB Sacks Clutches


The CB Sacks clutch is a great carrying case for make-up, money, or pens & pencils. Or use it as your all-in-one purse. This versatile burlap clutch has a black canvas lining, and a genuine leather wrist strap.

Clutches are grouped by color, (i.e. blue, brown, red, green and black & white). Pick your favorite color and you’ll receive a clutch from that color group. Each clutch is individually crafted so no two clutches are alike.

Dimensions are 5” tall x 9” wide x 2” deep (at the base).

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CB Sacks

CB Sacks Stands for Coffee Bean Sacks. That’s what every one of our products is made from. Coffee bean sacks are 100% burlap, and used world-wide to package ‘green’ (not-yet-roasted) coffee beans and ship them to the United States and other coffee-consuming countries.



The sacks we use come from Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Uganda and many other coffee-producing countries.

They are ‘up-cycled’ into stylish, rugged CB Sacks products, with high-quality leather straps and trim.


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Weight 2 lbs
CB Sacks Clutch

Black & White Series, Blue Series, Brown Series, Green Series, Red Series,