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CB Sacks Large Deluxe Tote


Every CB Sacks tote is individually crafted.

Your tote will be cut from the coffee sack of the country indicated (e.g. Mexico, Brazil, etc.), though the pattern and print may differ from the photo, making your tote entirely unique.

We salvage the beauty in every coffee sack that we collect, bringing you a completely original product.

The large, Deluxe Tote measures 12″ wide x 16″ high x 6″ deep.

What’s the difference between the Basic and the Deluxe tote?

The shoulder strap on the Deluxe Tote is attached to the bag with two stunning rivets adding a hint of sophistication to this line. Also, while the shoulder strap for our Basic Tote line has a single layer of leather, the Deluxe Tote has two layers, beautifully stitched together, allowing for a finished surface on both sides of the strap. This high-end tote comes with a magnetic snap at the opening of the bag and a zippered pocket on the inside.

Both the Deluxe and the Basic lines have a brown waxed canvas gusset (bottom and sides) protecting it from the elements.

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CB Sacks

CB Sacks Stands for Coffee Bean Sacks. That’s what every one of our products is made from. Coffee bean sacks are 100% burlap, and used world-wide to package ‘green’ (not-yet-roasted) coffee beans and ship them to the United States and other coffee-consuming countries.



The sacks we use come from Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Uganda and many other coffee-producing countries.

They are ‘up-cycled’ into stylish, rugged CB Sacks products, with high-quality leather straps and trim.


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CB Sacks Totes Deluxe / Large

Brazil Large – Red Handle, Dominican Republic Large – Red Handle, Honduras Large, Swiss Water Large, Hondo Cafe Large – Red Handle, Royal Large – Red Handle, El Salvador – Red Handle, Viva Dominicano Large – Red Handle,