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Sea Kimono
Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 2.37.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-15 at 2.37.25 PMSea Kimono

Sea Kimono ~ Stelari


Our collection of kimonos will keep you grounded in comfort, ease and effortless fashionability. Pair with one of our fitted t-shirt dresses. Slip on over casual essentials like shorts, jeans or swimsuit.   Or let our kimono disguise your morning workout attire as you seamless move into the daily routine.

You’ll feel 20,000 leagues under the sea in this piece inspired by the layers of the ocean. Stripes of beautiful blue, gray and purple weave together to make this graphic print. Light weight and breathable this kimono keeps you warm and effortless at the pool and cool and casual at night. Versatile, comfortable and machine washable this is the ultimate go to piece.



Introducing the Tarot of the Bohemians Collection. We invite you to take a seat with your inner gypsy and let her tell you what you already know: You are the yogi, the spirit seeker, the rhythm maker, the fortuneteller. You are the creator of your destiny.

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