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Spotlight Event: Cirque 2014 — Carnavale di Venezia


Who doesn’t love a masquerade?

The Founders Junior Council will host Cirque — Carnevale di Venezia on Saturday, February 8, from 8:30 P.M. — 1 A.M. at the Detroit Institute of Arts DIA). The formal masked ball will pay homage to the epitome of a masquerade  — Venetian carnival.

What to wear? Masked winter formal chic. It’s a step below black tie, but a step above semi-formal. Think cocktail dresses, but floor-length gowns are considered appropriate as well. Due to the chilly season, opt for warmer and durable materials — cotton, leather, sequins, heavy crepe, velvet — and definitely pair your frock with pantyhose/nylons.  Also, experiment with vibrant colors and gold accents to play up the Venetian affair.

For additional help on what-to-wear for the event, below is a vogue guide of complete winter formal chic looks via style type: Classic, Glam, Trendy, Romantic and Boho. Since this gala is mask-themed, each outfit is stylishly coordinated with the pièce de résistance — Venetian style masquerade mask. FYI – masks are strongly encouraged… you will be attending a proclaimed mask-theme party. If you are unable to find a mask in time, there will be a limited quantity at the door for purchase.

Don’t know your style type? Find your style archetype through Styleshack’s style quiz here.

For more event info. and tickets click here.

Buon divertimento! 


Cirque Detroit 2014



Cirque Detroit 2014




Cirque Detroit 2014




Cirque Detroit 2014



Cirque Detroit 2014



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