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Styleshack Spotlight: Alexandra Jona

{SS} What is your profession? (i.e. what keeps you busy all day)

{AJ} Creative Branding and marketing for small to midsize businesses and local professionals. My agency, BrandBarr, is involved with some of the best business minds in Detroit. It’s very fun and rewarding. ( I also work with my father in development and architecture (a family business means you’re in it for life :)

{SS} What inspired you to start your company?

{AJ} The journey! I accidentally stumbled upon this industry. I graduated from U of M with a Psych degree but wanted to go into business. I was the typical frustrated post-college grad looking for ideal employment, and ended up running out of time and settling for a small role at a local mortgage start-up. It ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me because there I was trained on social media and strategic marketing to support large sales projections (and this was in 09 before social media officially replaced traditional marketing). From there it became what I knew, and I loved it. I left Detroit to take a role as the Director of Sales & Marketing in Los Angeles at an early stage consumer product company for a Brentwood based venture capitalist, and learned a ton more.”

But I’m a Detroit girl, and I knew I never wanted a boss again, so I left to do what I love around the people I care about most. My networks embraced that, and I am very lucky today to get to do what I do in my hometown – especially working for myself.

{SS} In regards to your personal style, do you have a signature look or accessory?

{AJ} Yes, my watch. I think timepieces are one of the oldest and most luxurious accessories you can invest in.

{SS} A few items in your “Styleshack” (A.K.A closet that you can’t live without?)

{AJ} I definitely cannot live without skinnies, my leather, a great bag, and awesome flats. Those are my signature go-tos almost everyday.

{SS} Who or What inspires your style?  Favorite Style Icon?

{AJ} The late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. She embodied chic yet timeless elegance.

{SS} What is your style archetype? 

{AJ} My archetype is Glam Madame! I love it. I adore the BBDakota Crepe Racer Tank, Cracked Leather Skinny in White, and the Bullet Pendant Earrings. Can I live in the Styleshack shop please? 😉


{SS} Favorite fashion or lifestyle blog?

{AJ} Erika Bretchel’s SmallShopStudio. Perfectly put together and based out of one of my favorite cities.  SmallShopStudio, TinyBuddha, and Clare O’Connors Forbes Leadership

{SS} Favorite “local” boutiques?  

{AJ} Lola B Couture. I always find something bold & well made.













{SS} Favorite online store?

{AJ} NastyGal. Guilty!

{SS} Favorite Fashion App / Social Media Site?

{AJ}, it’s like Google for fashion. If I’m looking for something specific, I can usually find it there.





{SS} What would you tell your 22 year-old self?

{AJ} Don’t be so scared! Even the seemingly wrong turns can lead you to the right path. Embrace the valleys of life.










{SS} Words to live by? 

{AJ} Keep your eye on the prize, and take the extra steps to define yourself or someone or something else will. 


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