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Style Spotlight: Bruce Schwartz {Detroit Ambassador}

Bruce Schwartz has served as Detroit Ambassador for Bedrock Real Estate Services since 2011 and is best known for providing comprehensive “Bruce Tours” of Bedrock’s more than 70 downtown Detroit properties.

Bruce’s many responsibilities include showcasing downtown Detroit and helping tell the story of the city’s resurgence to prospective retail and commercial tenants, investors, members of the media and celebrities. He has led countless tours of Bedrock’s downtown Detroit properties, escorting everyone from Warren Buffett and Madonna to the Ambassador of Switzerland, pop superstar Usher, local, national and international business leaders, students and journalists from around the world. Together, Bruce and the Bedrock team have located dozens of retail and office tenants in the city’s urban core.

IMG_2023Schwartz began with the FOC in 1994 as Quicken Loans mortgage banker. He was promoted to vice president in 2003, where he led a team of mortgage bankers and was instrumental in the development of Quicken Loans training programs and its first call center. In 2006, Bruce founded In-House Realty, a Rock Ventures real estate services organization, and served as the company’s CEO prior to joining Bedrock.

Bruce is a people person, a family man, a fierce sports fan and a die-hard Detroiter. He was an obvious choice when Dan Gilbert and Bedrock were searching for the right person to enthusiastically serve as its champion for Detroit.

Styleshack Founder Rachel Schostak recently had the pleasure of interviewing Detroit’s very own ambassador to get the scoop on his authentic style and favorite local spots. Stylish guys: take notes! Bruce’s attention to detail and clothing coordination are essential to putting casual-cool outfits together.

{SS}: What’s the best part of your job?

{Bruce}: Getting to know so many amazing people and showcasing our beautiful city to people from all over the world.

Bruce wearing his custom Joe Faris leather jacket!

{SS}: How would you describe your personal style?

{Bruce}: Very casual and comfortable — but cool. It’s also a bit edgy, but don’t be fooled — everything is custom! I like layering different pieces, such as a vest and button down. I would describe it as urban refined. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my style. 

{SS}: Do you have any signature pieces? 

{Bruce}: Glasses and a hat is my trademark look. I also love my Joe Faris custom jacket. I have my own unique sense of style — I even have my own icon! 

Bruce and John Varvatos

{SS}: What are your favorite local stores? 

{Bruce}: John Varvatos, Zieben-Mare, Backcounty North, L’Uomo Vouge, Henry the Hatter and Willys Detroit. I also enjoy the pieces from Bill at Bachrach (sometimes I get custom suits there), and I love the John Varvatos store — I go there every day. There are also other little pockets. Ever been to Spectacles on Grand River? It’s a very cool spot. I’m all about repping the Detroit stuff!

Otherwise, I usually shop when I travel. If I go to New York, I love shopping at places that I can’t find in my own neighborhood. I also like the Porsche store, Victorinox, Roots and Moosejaw. I spread the love everywhere! 


{SS}: What do you love most from the John Varvatos brand and the new Detroit store?

The Alice Cooper Eyes Tee, black jeansscarves, button downs and linen shirts.


{SS}: What are your sunglasses of choice?

{Bruce}: English Garden, camo Prada, and sometimes I’ll wear my Ray-Bans if I don’ t need to see. I also like Heritage Optical in the Detroit Compuware Building. The owner, George Barnes, is a great guy. I’m not brand conscious. If I like the look, I buy it. I’m a Detroit guy, so I love to support local brands.

{SS}: You’re a hat man. How many do you own? Do you have any favorites? 

{Bruce}: I have more than a dozen, and I like to switch them out. I have custom Detroit baseball caps, a color for every outfit and all different fabrications. I take my hat collection very seriously.

{SS}: Do you have a favorite watch?

{Bruce}: I love my Shinola watches. I like to give them as gifts. I gave one to Madonna and Paula Abdul (below). #BruceWatch

{SS}: What about shoes?

{Bruce}: I love getting stuff at Nojo Kicks, and I like Roots boots. I love to switch out the laces.

{SS}: Do you have a style icon?

 {Bruce}: Usher and Kanye West — but a bit more refined.

{SS}: Are your children also into fashion?unnamed-2

{Bruce}: My two kids are definitely into style. My daughter Ruby is into style in general, and my son Rocco is into flat caps right now. For my birthday, they bought me black sweatpants and put my icon on them!

{SS}: What are your favorite local restaurants?

{Bruce}: During the day, Roasting Plant is the number-one place to go. In the evening, I like Santorini Estiatorio in Greektown and Cliff Bells.

{SS}: Tigers, Red Wings or Lions?  lgo_mlb_detroit_tigers

{Bruce}: Tigers.

{SS}: Which movie could you watch over and over again?

{Bruce}: I love Entourage — sometimes I feel like I’m in Entourage. “My life is a dream that I never wake up from. Honestly, we should all live like that.”


{SS}: Favorite Artist?

{Bruce}: I appreciate good art. People think I’m the John Sauve Man in the City installment around town. It’s actually not me — but it’s helping me grow my brand.

Can you spot the red man?

{SS}: When it comes to music, what’s your jam?

{Bruce}:  R&B and soul — I’m very diverse in the artists I enjoy, but that’s my genre.

{SS}: What are your words to live by?

“Under promise and over deliver.”


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