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Summer Style: Kid Fashion



If you haven’t stocked your children’s closet with the clothing essentials for this summer, we selected some cool pieces that will keep your child looking super fresh all summer long! From dresses to shorts, we have listed out some of the latest trends for your cool kids!

Trending:  Patriotic for boys, Camo, Preppy boys, Jockey look, Printed Tshirts / For Girls: Punky Brewster Style, Mix Matched Styles, Punk Cute, Pink, Corals, Orange, Picnic Dresses, just to name a few!


Shop these trends from a few of our favorite Boutiques:

For Girls:

Sofi Stella via Styleshack

7_58f43816-f622-407f-8391-391bf1011180 7_c448cd08-c681-4b1e-98cb-07e11be34f6a

Little Sprout via Styleshack

7_a8decd78-4de7-4b99-8828-897578d16b9d    7_5adceae8-d2c1-4e51-8749-1a8bbb1178fd

Egg by Susan Lazar 

jumper-62      ruffle-bikini-8



For Boys:

Little Sprout via Styleshack

7_b2f932a3-94c7-45b1-87b6-40e1b8b5085e.jpeg 7_b26940b4-dbd3-4e2a-a529-dd006f407b88.jpeg

                                                               Egg by Susan Lazar


Egg by Susan Lazar 

boy-twill-short-56  boys-board-short-24



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