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Top 10 Carrie Bradshaw Fashion Moments

These last few weeks I have been able to catch up with my favorite girl… The one and only Carrie Bradshaw. Taking notes on her amazing fashion sense and glamorous lifestyle, I decided to pick my top 10 favorite Carrie looks. This was probably one of the hardest decisions I have had since deciding whether I should change my polish from Lincoln Park After Dark to Big Apple Red. So here it is… the list of my favorite looks from the fabulous fashionista herself.   We can learn a lot about Style through her characters various styles!

Look 1: The Fur Coat

The knee high snakeskin boots, fur jacket, and Christian Dior shopping bag… whats not to love here.  This fur jacket is an iconic piece of Bradshaw’s wardrobe the first few seasons of the show and makes quite a fabulous appearance.

Look 2: The Romper is Born

Who wore rompers first? Of course only Carrie… A casual day at the farmers market with the girls calls for a casual yet statement piece like this.

Look 3: Mix & Match Success

Carrie in this look reminds us that mixing a hard core metal belt with a soft floral print works. This look to me screams CB. She always shows us that mixing and matching can work and make a statement at the same time. She teaches us here that we can dress up to go shopping… leaving the jeans and tee at home.

Look 4: Slips & Statement Coats

Slip looking dresses have always been one of my favorites. They are sexy, chic and easily accessorized and styled. What I love about this look is that it looks like she threw on a fabulous coat and scarf and ran out the door. Sometimes the best outfits are the ones we don’t think over too much…and I always have been a sucker for a fabulous coat.

Look 5: Louboutin Love

PINK RUFFLED LOUBOUTINS…what else could matter?  I love here how you can see her “Carrie” name necklace that is so iconic throughout the show. She wears that necklace with uptown couture to tee shirts and jeans… to her this necklace goes with everything… and we agree.

Look 6: Vintage Meets Studs

Vintage floral dress, great shoes, cool-girl bag, and a punk studded belt.. what’s not to love. Here again Bradshaw shows her true mix and match style that always works wonders for her.

Look 7: Menswear Meet Carrie

A woman who can pull of a suit and looks this amazing, Never fails. 

Look 8: Paris Meets Carrie Bradshaw

Wondering through the streets of Paris Bradshaw of course pulls out all the fashion stops. Knee high Lanvin black boots (which was to blame for her horrible tumble in Dior) with black skirt, Betsey Johnson crystal bustier, and classic Lanvin trench coat creates a different look then we saw in NYC… but it is one that is sexy, chic, and shows Paris that Carrie Bradshaw has arrived, even after her stumble in Dior. 

 Look 9: The City of Love

This look I fell in love with when watching the last season. I realized that this outfit would never have worked for her style in NYC but completely fits with her new life in Paris. Paris is known for the city of love… so having luxurious knits, a large flower, and a mix of stripes somehow adds a softness to the outfit that is very romantic.

Look 10: The Most Famous Tu-Tu in the World

When we think of Carrie Bradshaw, we think of the iconic tu-tu that is in the opening credit. I mean who else could walk down the streets of Manhattan in this and look this fabulous…no one.

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