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static1.squarespace-1 Established in 2013 in New York City, VINCETTA is a brand designed to empower and celebrate women. Priding itself on manufacturing timeless, classic style and cueing the past to materialize the future. The idea behind VINCETTA is to strengthen her wardrobe, by focusing on quality and building a story that can crossover from day to night and season to season. We are the modern woman and we design for us.        
 ABOUT THE DESIGNER :   Detroit-native Deanna Ansara, a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, cut her fashion industry teeth by working for brands such as J.Crew, Tory Burch, and Ralph Lauren. She views the world through an imaginary eye and creative mind. She has the natural ability to accurately forecast trends while maintaining subtle and timeless qualities. Through her experience as a designer, Deanna has worked with organizations such as Susan G. Komen, Humane Society, Make a Wish Foundation, and the Bnai Zion Foundation. Beyond her charitable work, Deanna is dedicated to empowering women with her clothing line. The vision is to provide women of all sizes and shapes with well fitting, well made clothing. Her designs for Vincetta focus on fabric selection, garment construction, and careful attention to fit. All of these details result in pieces that will make women feel comfortable and confident. home+page  

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