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What-To-Wear: The 4th of July

Show America how much you love Her, this upcoming 4th of July, via red, white and blue — the Land of the Free’s fave colors. We’ve hand-picked the most fashionable patriotic outfits (according to your style archetype and from a few of our beloved local shops) that will make you exceptionally proud to be an American! Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day at a backyard BBQ, a picnic at the beach or a rooftop soiree, you’ll be ready to pledge allegiance in style!


– Red, white and blue all over, please!- We’ve all experienced, at one time or another, standing in front of the mirror cloaked in America’s color trifecta only to realize being fully emblazoned in the country’s flag (mind you, outside of the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc) from head-to-toe. In reluctance, we scrap the outfit, and decide to never ever wear the star spangled banner’s colors together– in fear of looking like the aforementioned– unless it’s a national holiday. Well, you’re in luck because the 4th of July is pretty much one of the only times to wear the American flag’s trifecta without opposition. Want to know why? Because your goal is to look like the American flag — so you might as well rock it out!

– Stars and stripes forever!- Even better if you wear them together and in tandem with the first tip– red, white and blue. Play up America’s fave accessories! I.e. – a striped skirt and star print tank top, star-shaped earrings and a striped purse, a-line dress with white stars and blue and white stripes.

– The exception to the rule that formal is always better- America loves you SO much that She doesn’t care if you show up to Her birthday celebration in cut-offs and a tank top– especially if they’re apropos with the theme’s color scheme.  Casual and semi-formal is perfectly acceptable to a typically formal fete.

Don’t know your style archetype? Find out here!



4th of July - Classic

Prada canvas bag

Magnetic jewelry


Bridal bangle

Rose gold necklace



4th of July - Eco Chic

Vince camuto shoes

Off the shoulder top

Paige Denim clothing

Kris nations jewelry

Kris Nations necklace

Red wrist watch




4th of July - Professional Chic



4th of July - Glam Madame




4th of July - Sporty Chic


J Brand clothing

Blue watch


Judith ripka necklace

Bracelet jewelry



4th of July - Trendy

VC Signature flat shoes

Bracelet bangle

Drop earrings


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